Game Spotlight: NCC Closed Tournament 2

The NCC Closed Tournament was dominated by one family, as both Peter and Mukiri Gilruth ended with 3.5 points in 4 games, sharing the tournament victory.  Which means the match of the tournament was when they played this fighting draw in round 3:


The big takeaway is how much defence matters.  In this particular game, White had a variety of ways to defend, and even had a few “free” moves to pursue other goals.  In that vein, many games at the club level feature one player on an attack that looks dangerous, but in reality can be stopped if the opponent stays calm and stops the threats that are there instead of reacting to ghosts.  If you can see the cheapo, you can stop the cheapo.

With the cooler weather, there may be less organized at the Club, but we’re still open!  Come by at our regular time and play some games.  No event just means more time for you to work on your own game with us.

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