Game Spotlight: Swindling

The famous St. Louis Chess Club recently posted a lecture on swindles — games in which one player won or drew a previously lost game by means of a trick.  In a similar vein, I thought I’d present one of my own swindles.  That said, there is a difference here.  Instead of the swindle ending the game, it results in no change in material, and the game continues for another 13 moves.  But it does use a trick to flip the advantage from one player to the other, so belongs in the conversation.

If you’re going to avoid problems, it’s important to always take into account your opponent’s threats.  Don’t assume they don’t see what you’re doing — check it out!  Most importantly, look for discovered attacks.  I frequently see junior and club players get blown out because they didn’t see a piece was lined up across from their King or Queen.  Especially if there are pieces in the middle, make sure you check out if there’s a threat or not, and under what conditions this type of situation might become dangerous.  Taking your time to make sure you don’t get caught by this kind of tactic is sure to improve your game.

Our next event is the largest tournament of the year!  The NCC Open Championship is coming up August 23-25.  We’re looking for some help this year with costs — venue rental, renting tables and chairs, paying for prizes and arbiters, and so forth.  If you can help, please do so through M-Changa here.

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