Game Spotlight: 2020 Kenya Premier Chess League, Superweekend 1

The 2020 edition of the Kenya Premier Chess League kicked off on February 29.  This year, the league is divided into two divisions: a 16-team Elite League, and the second Super League of 17 teams.  Nairobi Chess Club ended the weekend by sweeping their opponents for four wins.  The best player over the weekend was Vasanth Ramesh, who played all of the rounds and won them.  In this game against Victoria Chess Club, we see him convert what starts out as a drawish Rook endgame:

Our next event will be the 5th Peter Le Pelley Cup, on March 21-22.  This will be a small tournament with a cap of 28 players, so sign up early.  More information and sign-ups are available here.

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