Gilruths Win 2018 NCC Closed Championship

Peter and Mukiri Gilruth have won the 2018 Nairobi Chess Club closed championship equally placed with 3½/4. They drew their encounter and won all their other games. The other players were well beaten and five of them ended with a score of 2/4.

Mukiri wins the championship for the first time, and his father Peter wins it for the 3rd time after winning in 2015 and 2016, Both will have their name engraved on the NCC club shield, and this is something that they can both be proud of.

The event was played over 4 consecutive Saturdays in the month of June and attracted a total of 10 players. Time control for each game was limited to 60 minutes, and time control became a decisive factor in most of the closer games.

The NCC members that participated cherished the opportunity to play competitive chess in a friendly atmosphere on their home turf. Nonetheless we hope that future tournaments will have a better representation of junior and female players and a larger turnout.


Round 1

Peter Gilruth – Mirabas Afzali1-0

Willy Simons – Mukiri Gilruth 0-1

Roberto Villuela – Mushfig Habilov 0-1

Paul Ochieng – Jackim Arigi 1-0

Sam Kamau – M’muga Bundi ½-½

Round 2

Paul Ochieng – Peter Gilruth 0-1

Mukiri Gilruth – Mushfig Habilov 1-0

Sam Kamau – Willy Simons 0-1

M’muga Bundi – Roberto Villuela 0-1

Mirabas Afzali – Jackim Arigi 0-1

Round 3

Peter Gilruth – Mukiri Gilruth ½-½

Willy Simons – Roberto Villuela 0-1

Mushfig Habilov – Paul Ochieng 0-1

Jackim Arigi – M’muga Bundi ½-½

Mirabas Afzali – Sam Kamau 1-0 (walkover)

Round 4

Roberto Villuela – Peter Gilruth 0-1

Mukiri Gilruth – Paul Ochieng 1-0

Jackim Arigi – Willy Simons 0-1

Sam Kamau – Mushfig Habilov 0-1

M’muga Bundi – Mirabas Afzali 0-1

My Games

I didn’t get the result that I had hoped for in the tournament, but I enjoyed my games and was content with my level of play. My first game was against Mukiri and it taught me how difficult winning a game of chess can be when your opponent digs in after a mistake in the opening. After I miss chances to win the exchange and settle for a draw, Mukiri takes over the attack and wins the game.

My last game was played against Jackim Arigi. I misjudged the position on the 11th move when I won a piece, but in the process granted White an overwhelming attack. Jackim then misses several changes to win the game before I end the game through a trap.

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