Traps, Tricks & Mistakes: To Take is The Mistake!

For us, human beings, the natural way to solve problems is to remove the cause of the trouble.

For example, if you find an obstacle in your way, you will remove it.

If someone has a pimp in his/her face, he/she will remove it because it makes ugly.

That also applies to social activities. For example, when a soccer team is not having good results, the coach is immediately removed.

Nevertheless, removing the cause of the problem not always is the best solution. Sometimes a different approach can give us an advantage. And chess gives us many examples.

Consider the following position:

Additionally, notice that if White takes the g4-knight, he/she is helping Black in developing more pieces. Quite the opposite, if Black takes on e5, then White leads in development.

In chess is convenient to change the way we usually think and consider any situation as a chance to improve.

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