Traps, Tricks & Mistakes: Time Trick

For sure, many players have been involved on one or the other side in the very common incident presented today.

A player makes a move and forgets to press his/her clock. Most frequently, the opponent gives a gentle reminder to press the clock or with an indication points his/her hand towards the clock. We agree that this is a polite way to proceed.

However on many incidents where one player forgets to press the clock, his/her opponent “pretends” to fall in deep thought, actually waiting until the other player remedies the oversight.

One of the most famous oversight happened to Kasparov himself in his match against Karpov, Seville (Spain) 1987.

This is the game:

In a similar incident involved the English GM Nigel Short. He lost his game on time against the young Indian player Gukesh Dummaraju. Thanks to it, Gukesh got his first GM norm.

Of course, it’s nobody’s job but the player him/herself to press the clock and not to signal the opponent about his/her oversight isn’t against chess rules.

But dear readers, what do you think about that behaviour?

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