Traps, Tricks & Mistakes: Sweeper Queen Trap

Most of the traps appeared in these series refer to openings. It doesn’t mean that traps cannot appear in other moments in the game. In fact, traps can spread all the way along the game.

I suppose that is the reason why some players state that the most efficient way to learn chess is to learn traps. I disagree!

In today’s post, I will show an astonishing trap for attacking your opponent’s back rank.

Its main component is a queen sacrifice in order to clear the back rank. Below is the position after White’s 28.Qc6 move

As you see, Black could avoid the trap but then his pawn structure would leave damaged.

Notice the importance of White’s 28.Qc6 move. Both players have similar material. White has a free d5-pawn but it’s weak because not other pawns support it. It’s an isolated pawn. Because of that, Alekhine cannot stay and wait until Black makes an inaccuracy. He goes for creating weaknesses in his opponent’s field and 28.Qc6 fits his strategy perfectly.

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