Traps, Tricks & Mistakes: d6-Pawn Trap

In QP openings, the fight for the centre generally evolves cautiously from both sides.

Because White always has the right of the first move, it is assumed that that implies a slight advantage. Nevertheless, there are openings which aim is to argue that right from the beginning.

One of them is the Benoni Defence, which already in the second move creates tension in central squares with 2…c5

One line for White is to ignore the threat and grab central space with 3.d5. Then Black has to solve a structural question about the pawn chain and the square d6 plays an important role.

Today’s game is an example of the type of weakness in which d6 can transform.

Many top players were victims of this trap in the past and for sure many others will be in the future. Do not forget this trap because it will give you some points when playing inexperienced players (or even against young masters!)

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