Traps, Tricks & Mistakes: X-Ray Trap

Elements for learning a language are the knowledge of grammar, pronunciation and memorization of new words. But the main way to master the language is to use it.

In a similar way, players achieve mastery in chess mainly by playing. Of course, they start learning how pieces move, the basics of chess openings, tactical resources and classical games. Afterwards, playing games helps to consolidate the knowledge, acquire experience and to improve other skills like evaluation, planning and taking decisions.

In today’s trap, Black is the victim of an erroneous plan and a deficient evaluation because he overlooks an X-Ray attack. X-Ray means an indirect attack over an enemy piece through another piece.

Note that Black’s plan, aiming for simplification with 6…e4, would be a reasonable plan. But the bishop at c5 makes the difference and gives White the chance of winning material thanks to a tactical resource.

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