Traps, Tricks & Mistakes: “The Wayward Queen”

Chess has evolved quickly in the last 50 years.

The Soviet school of chess produced new openings and analyzed old ones creating new variations.

Lately, the use of computers helps elite chess players in reevaluating ideas, which previously chess theoreticians rejected.

Many evaluations from games played by top players 100 years ago have been modified thanks of using chess software.

The following game played by Alekhine is an example.

What 100 years ago seemed a masterpiece of attack, nowadays we know that only is an exchange of tactical effects. Modern evaluation claims that Black has no advantage and White’s move 13.d3 is actually a mistake. Instead, 13.dxc4 keeps the balance.

This game appeared in the early 50s in a series of animated chess films broadcasted by BBC.

The film had the title “The Wayward Queen”

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