Traps, Tricks & Mistakes: Alekhine Illusionist

When a club player faces a titled master in a chess game, the experience is unforgettable (for the club player).

I have had that chance some times and I have to say that I always feel like I am attending a session of illusionism because the master has the ability to foresee much more moves and variations than me.

If you have walked in the fog, you will understand what I mean.

In today’s game, Alexander Alekhine played Black against the Argentinian chess player Leopoldo Carranza in Buenos Aires, 1926.

Taking a first look at the game after White’s 12th move, you easily will have the illusion that Carranza has the initiative because Alekhine’s king is stranded in the centre.

Nevertheless, the great Russian saw further than his opponent.

Carranza went straightaway with his plan and won Alekhine’s queen in move 17th. But suddenly his position collapsed in the next move.

See you by yourselves…

In this game, you see the danger of pawns approaching promotion.

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