Rematch against Crewe Chess Club

Nairobi Chess Club (NCC) successfully started the year 2022 with a victory in the first event of its calendar

On January 31st NCC played an online match against the English Chess Club of Crewe (CCC).

Both clubs met for the first time in February 2021 in an online match whose score favoured Nairobi

This year, Crewe took the chance for revenge.

While in the first match 11 players took part, Crewe raised the bar for the rematch recruiting 20 players.

Nairobi took up the challenge and also presented a lineup with the same number of participants.

Despite our two big guns (Gilruth and Gurevich) couldn’t participate, 20 members of the club took part in the contest and the final score again this year favoured Nairobi: 23,5 – 16,5.

In 2009 NCC organized an online 6-board match against Wageningen Chess Club (The Netherlands) and established a milestone in international projection.
Now, 13 years later, and in an interval of 2 years, NCC has played 5 online international matches with more than 10 boards each time. The last one against Crewe breaking the record with 20 boards (!!)

Final Results

NAIROBI 23,5 – 16,5 CREWE
Vasanth Ramesh 1 – 1 Bart Fajfer
Peter Schupp 1 – 1 Andrew Crosby
Roberto Villuela 0,5 – 1,5 Harry Gardiner
Victor Hongo 2 – 0 David Hulme
Karan Christie 1 – 1 John Booth
Mushfig Habilov 0 – 2 Martin Frisher
Willy Simons 1 – 1 Myron Odingo
Surjit Dhemrait 0 – 2 Simon Layhey
Jay Naker 0,5 – 1,5 Lukasz Michalek
Jackim Arigi 2 – 0 David Price
Aslam Adam 0 – 2 Jarek Cryz
Paul Oketch 1 – 1 James Marshall
Kim Bhari 1 – 1 George Bulbeck
Veniamin Negru 2 – 0 Lee Tilton
Hiram Gakembu 0,5 – 1,5 Pawel Stanny
Haroon Dawood 2 – 0 Mike Keenan
Slav Shvoro 2 – 0 Mark Randel
Aditi Pandey 2 – 0 Mo Farah
Peter Ndirangu 2 – 0 Oskar Jarzynski
Joel Odemu 2 – 0 Robert Scott

Two tough games on the first board:

Bart Fajfer vs Vasanth Ramesh

The huge expectation created by this match has impelled both clubs to establish this match as an annual event in their calendars.

Being founded in 1958, Nairobi Chess Club is the oldest chess club in East Africa, and also leader in approaching not only chess to people, but also approaching people through chess.

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