Nairobi Chess Club on

The first NCC Open Tournament on has just ended. The tournament started in June 2019 with 100 players and went to 4 rounds to decide the winner. I am relieved to have come out of this long struggle as the eventual winner.

Nairobi Chess Club has been active on since 2018 and now has around 240 members. We have played 10 matches against other clubs, organized about 10 tournaments, and posted some exciting puzzles.

Since we are not meeting physically we should popularize the club on Playing tournaments and club matches makes you a better chess player. Thematic tournaments teach you openings and Vote Chess is something we really ought to try.

Meanwhile, let us look at one of my games from the first NCC Open Tournament. It was played against March_Hare in Round 1.

The Sveshnikov is a sharp opening for attack-minded players, but the played variation is more strategic. Black failed to cover the weakness on d5 and this could have cost him the game. The key lesson is not to neglect your defense when you go on the offense.

Wins feel great but the losses and draws that I had on have taught me more. I have learned the different variations in the Sveshnikov, and how to be patient in offense and tenacious in defense.

That’s all folks. Stay on top of COVID-19 by following the WHO Guidelines and join NCC on to learn the intricacies of a chess opening like the Sveshnikov.

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