Traps, Tricks & Mistakes: Trap for Blitz

Would you like to surprise your opponent in the Dutch Defence playing blitz games? Then learn today’s trap.

The Dutch Defence (1.d4 f5) is one way to avoid the more analysed queen’s gambit.

Black commits immediately the pawn structure advancing one of the kingside pawns.

Although it is a playable opening, any unexpected deviation from principal lines will have the favourable effect of surprising our opponent. As a result, he/she will spend time figuring out what is going on in the new situation. This is of significant importance in blitz games and it’s why I recommend this trap in accelerated games.

When playing blitz games, players have little time to think and calculate variations. Instead, they tend to play obvious moves, which easily lead to inferior positions. For that reason, a careful selection of appropriate traps will be useful in rapid games

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