Traps, Tricks & Mistakes: Lack of Foresight

Today’s game occurred in the 43rd Chess Olympiad which took place in Batumi (Republic of Georgia)
It was in round 2 when team Argentina met team Andorra and this example is interesting because of its final combination.
GM Alexander Fier (ARG) played White and IM Robert Aloma Vidal (AND) Black.
Both players conducted their pieces reasonably well in the middle game in accordance with their ranking,
Aloma Vidal seemed to lose his attention in the endgame and didn’t see what Fier prepared. Fier completely destroyed Black’s castling with a beautiful combination.

The three consecutive tactical motifs (clearance, a double decoy plus a pin) in the final combination make it really beautiful.
That final combination is the kind of those amazing puzzles which appear in handbooks about chess tactics.
It is so wonderful that I don’t wonder that it be published in those books in the coming years.

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