Traps, Tricks & Mistakes: Early Queen

Every chess player has been (or should have been) told about how to correctly play the opening. Different teachers explain the rules in different ways. One of the most repeated rules and easy to understand for every player is “develop your pieces”. Another is “not to keep playing always with the same piece”. Beginners (especially kids) don’t pay too much attention to that one and, obsessed with the power that queen possesses, they play almost exclusively with the king’s partner.

In today’s example, one of the players made that kid’s mistake and started playing too early with the queen. His opponent was no other than Paul Morphy, known as an expert in the art of developing pieces. As a result, Morphy’s opponent was clearly overwhelmed after the first 10 moves.

It is good to develop your pieces. But it is also worth to have a plan for it.

I want to mention here the post published in Aug 2018 by Warren Pollock about “Planless Development”. Take a look at it!

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