Traps, Tricks & Mistakes: CopyCat Trap

Inexperienced newcomers to this game have some basic notions like how to move the pieces. However, most of them have never heard about openings theory, tactical motifs, or typical checkmates. So when playing their first games they use the apparently satisfactory solution of copying their opponent’s moves.

There are sound openings in which players repeat the first moves. For example the Petrov defense or the English Symmetrical. But experienced players know that there is a danger in blindly copying the opponent’s moves. At some point, the opponent checks the king and it is impossible to replicate the check because it is necessary to save the king.

Today’s short example is one of those “CopyCat” traps:

Lesson learned: Don’t blindly copy your opponent’s moves.

Be aware that the more moves you play like your opponent’s, the easier you will be the victim of a trap.

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