Traps, Tricks & Mistakes: Bad Memory

Books about chess openings usually provide many variations and sometimes few comments.

Good chess books are those which give variations together with explanations of why those moves are played.

When the reader sees long variations with many moves, he/she tends to memorize the moves without knowing their reason. What most probably happens is that after 2 o 3 weeks he/she forgets some or all the moves, or even worse he/she doesn’t remember the right order in which the moves are played. The risk of the latter is that his/her position can collapse a few moves later.

In today’s example, the player with Black seems to mix moves from two different lines in the Ruy Lopez.

When you study openings, don’t memorize moves. Instead, try to understand why those moves are played. Remembering the ‘why’ is the best and human way of learning.
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