Game Spotlight: 61st NCC Open 4

Let’s delve a bit more into the games played at the 61st Nairobi Chess Club Open Championship.  This round 1 game features the best combination I saw played.  Two quick notes before getting into it.  First, be careful about removing your own defences.  Second, it’s worth getting over the mental barrier that you can’t give up your Queen.  The Queen is worth sacrificing if it leads to mate, you get their Queen later on in the tactical sequence (keep calculating after your Queen gets captured), or if you get enough of their pieces back (either two Rooks or three pieces).

Good luck to the Nairobi Chess Club’s Kenya Premier League team, which is competing this weekend.

We’re organizing a match against Chess School club over on  If you’d like to play for us, make sure you’ve joined our club over there and go here for details.  The match is expected to start on September 28.

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