Traps, Tricks & Mistakes: Where is My Bishop?

It’s easy to complain when a chess player loses a winning game. Excuses like short on time, disturbing noise in the playing hall, fatigue, … are common. That situation is not exclusive of club players. Even top-level players have sometimes experienced it.

The great Russian chess master Mikhail Chigorin suffered a painful defeat in his World Championship Rematch against Wilhelm Steinitz. Like their first duel from 1889, the rematch took place again in Havanna (Cuba) in 1892.

After 22 games, the score favoured Steinitz who had the lead by only 1 point (+9-8=5).

In the last game, Chigorin played White and choose the King’s gambit, an ambitious and aggressive opening, which fit his romantic style.

Apparently, Chigorin forgot why his bishop was on the d6-square.

To this day that game remains one of the most tragic in the history of the World Chess Championship.

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