Traps, Tricks & Mistakes: Weakening The Castle

One move used in chess to protect the king is the castle. There are structures where even one bishop helps in protecting its king. That is the case when fianchettoing the bishop.
It is commonly accepted that trading a fianchettoed bishop is one step towards weakening the castle.
In today’s example, played at the top level, the Indian GM Vidit found an original way to trade a fianchettoed bishop.
The game occurred in the Tata Steel Tournament, 2022. His opponent, the Swedish GM Nils Grandelius, found himself in an embarrassing situation.
He could not prevent the trade otherwise he would have lost a piece.

Though is not clear that White is better after 10.Nxg7, Vidit achieved a strategic goal by trading his opponent’s fianchettoed bishop. Vidit showed a creative resource in achieving that goal.
Dear readers, playing successfully chess is to be aware of what your opponent plays and why he/she does it.
Vidit did it and took his reward. Chess is not a game of waiting like fishing. The player needs to make things happen.
It’s worth mentioning that Grandelius finished the competition in the last position without winning a single game.

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