Traps, Tricks & Mistakes: Right Sequence

When preparing ugali you need water and unga. The first step in the process is to bring water to the boiling point and the second is to add unga. Inverting those steps, you will not get ugali. So the order is important.

Similarly, the order of moves in chess combinations has an influence on the final result. Only when you play moves in the right sequence, you will get the most profit from a combination.

It happens in chess that the player spots a tactical motif but there are two or more ways to put it into practice. Here is when the player’s calculation skills play its role.

In today’s example, Black has two motifs: a) mate threat on g2 and b) knight fork from d3.

Black’s task is to work out how to combine both and obtain the highest profit.

Let’s take a look:

In the above example, Black faces a critical moment. Notice that the result of the combination depends on that decision.

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