Traps, Tricks & Mistakes: Queen’s Favourite Square

When players evaluate a position as equal, they just move their pieces to squares they consider best awaiting for attacking chances.

When the ‘equal evaluation’ repeats after some moves, a dangerous tendency appears leading to relaxation and losing the thread.

That is apparently what happened in today’s game played in the women’s section of the Chess Olympiad, Batumi, 2018.

WCM Nicole Shu Yu Qin (New Zealand) played against IM Rout Padmini (India). Apparently, Qin had a particular preference for placing her queen on the c6 square. Her predilection was the cause of losing the game.

Dear readers don’t relax your attention, be attentive to the consequences of your moves and look for attacking chances.
Remember the famous Fischer’s sentence: “Chess demands total concentration!”

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