Traps, Tricks & Mistakes: Miraculous Escape

Nairobi Chess Club organizes every year the “Nairobi Chess Championship” with great success.

Braeburn School, at Gitanga Road (Nairobi), hosted the 2023 edition. A total of 127 players participated distributed into three sections: Open, U1600, and U1400. Players in the U1400 section were mostly juniors.

James Panchol was the winner in the Open section with a perfect score of 4/4.

The lady player Uyanga Byambaa (from Mongolia), playing in the Open section as well, was the highest-rated titled player taking part in the event. However, she finished second with a score of 3,5/4. Her game in the last round against Dr. Victor Ngani was dramatic. Uyanga, playing the White pieces in a Sicilian Defense, Accelerated Dragon, was under pressure most of the time. Nevertheless, she stubbornly kept posing obstacles for her rival. Ngani steadily increased his advantage, won two extra pawns, and consequently proceeded to exchange queens. After 46 moves the following position appeared on the board. Uyanga’s situation is desperate. Her rook is trapped and her king is tied defending the knight. Ngani’s plan is simple: approach his king and finish the job.

However, Uyanga keeps playing even if that means only moving her king back and forth.

Uyanga received a gift from Caissa in the form of a miraculous escape thanks to her stubbornness.

Sometimes a premature resignation is a mistake because chess is never over until it’s over.

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