Traps, Tricks & Mistakes: Evergreen Game

The ‘Evergreen Game’ is a famous game in the history of chess. Adolf Anderssen won the game in 1852 against Jean Dufresne.
Anderssen was a professor of mathematics and is generally considered as the world’s leading chess player from 1851 to 1858.
Dufresne, although not of the same level as Anderssen, was also a strong chess player.
Anderssen used the Evans Gambit in this game and with a magnificent final combination crushed his opponent in brilliant style.

This game has been extensively analysed over the years and White’s 19th move has become a very famous one.

Mistakes made by Dufresne were: not protecting his king by castling and moving the queen too early.

As you see, again and again, delaying castle and keeping the king in the centre is always a source of trouble.

Another instructive lesson from this game is how properly trade pieces for activity, space and central control.

Because the 2020 Kenya Premier Chess League will begin on February 29th, our training session on Rook endgames moves to March and soon we will announce the new date.

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