Traps, Tricks & Mistakes: TIME!

We can compare the game of chess with a dialogue in which the participants explain their thoughts using a variety of arguments. Both speakers present their reasonings by means of asking questions and making statements. Statements and questions compare with the moves in the game. The stronger the move, the more difficult the question laid out.

Because the game has a limit in time, so the conversation cannot be limitless. It means that each part has to be precise enough in order to persuade the other side in the established interval of time.

But what if the talk becomes so complex that sophisticated arguments are required? Then we arrive at the point of time-consuming and one or both players become under time pressure.

In October 2020 took place the prestigious Altibox Norway Chess tournament, where six top players played a double round-robin competition. In round 6, Caruana played Black against Aronian. It wasn’t a comfortable situation for Caruana as he went into the game after two consecutive losses (against Carlsen in round 4 and Aronian in round 5)

The game started as a Sicilian Defense, Alapin Variation, and after the opening, the position was rich in chances. Because of that, both players spent time preparing their “arguments”. Aronian needed more time in elaborating their reasoning and because of that was short on time. Below is the game with some of Caruana’s comments:

Due to the complex conversation and the little time available, Aronian couldn’t successfully present “his best argumentation” and lost the game.

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