Traps, Tricks & Mistakes: Computers don’t Make Mistakes!

Oct, 13rd, 2019. Comis Hotel & Golf Resort (Isle of Man). Round 4. At board 7, Belarusian GM Vladislav Kovalev (2661) plays against World Chess Champion GM Magnus Carlsen (2876).

Carlsen comes with an impressive record. In the previous 438 days, he played 93 games without being defeated.

On the other side, Kovalev comes from playing a long game the day before. He played against IM Gavrilescu a game which lasted 152 moves after 8 hours!!!

Carlsen counts with playing against a tired opponent who most probably will be happy with a quick draw. With these conditions, Carlsen expects an easy day in the office.

But things are not always as we think and Kovalev is not only resilient, even is getting the initiative and a promising position.

Below is what appeared on the board after Carlsen’s 26…h6

For three times missed Kovalev the victory against Magnus Carlsen. What could have been a big sensation became a narrow escape for the world champion.

Poor Kovalev, at the end the fatigue from his game in the previous round took their toll on. Also, the psychological element played an important role. Probably Kovalev’s wish of accomplishing the time control without repeating moves didn’t let him see the winning variation.

Neither fatigue nor psychology affects computers!!!

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