Traps, Tricks & Mistakes: Caro-Kann Ambush

At club level, a player can succeed with a narrow openings repertoire. At the top level that is not the case. Top players know in deep openings, not because they memorize the moves. They understand the principles lying in them (pawn structure, key squares, control of the centre, the safety of the king, the activity of pieces …)

The importance of studying chess is not only to know and be confident with opening systems, middle game strategy and endgame technique. Studying chess and understanding the basics gives you the chance of discovering plans that no one previously played. And of course, use them to catch the opponent in unexpected traps.

Probably K.Georgiev had played many times the Caro-Kann and felt confident with it. Nevertheless, Nunn discovered an unexpected and apparently weird move with a knight that caught his opponent by surprise. The surprise effect confused Georgiev and consequently made fatal mistakes.

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