Traps, Tricks & Mistakes: Alphazero Trends

This post is a collaboration with Mr Andrew Crosby who is an expert in chess gambits.
Andrew usually plays them in his games with great success. Furthermore, he is an active member of our virtual club taking part in our online tournaments and matches

Some of you will be familiar with the sensational Alphazero artificial intelligence system that beat the world’s strongest chess engine. Alphazero achieved its strength with only a few hours of self-learning. The book entitled “Game Changer” tells the story of its creation and covers Alphazero’s groundbreaking chess strategies.

Today’s game features one of Alphazero’s attacking techniques, the march of the h pawn towards an opponent’s castled king on the kingside. The h pawn threatens to advance as far as h6 (for White) or h3 (for Black). If not stopped, it will take up a menacing position with the danger of a snap checkmate on g7/g2. It also poses a threat in the endgame as it is only two squares away from queening if the opposing h pawn on h7/h2 is captured.

Today’s game occurred in the online match that Nairobi Chess Club played against Crewe Chess Club (2022, Jan.30). That match featured an amazing 20-board competition with two games played on each board. The time control was 25 min + 10 sec increment and the final score favoured Nairobi with 23,5 – 16,5.

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Besides that, the German Chess Club of Friesen-Lichtenberg (Berlin, Germany) challenged Nairobi Chess Club for an online match. Thirteen members of Nairobi Chess Club took part with the final score 10,5 – 15,5 for Berlin. Furthermore, we enjoyed exciting games.
Good job, Team!!

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