Max Euwe the Amateur World Chess Champion

Max Euwe was the 5th world chess champion (1935-1937).  He stunned the world by beating Alekhine who was considered invincible at that time. Alekhine won the return match in 1937 but Euwe remained among the strongest chess players.

His achievements are all the more remarkable since he was not a full-time chess player. He earned a doctorate in mathematics, taught mathematics, and later become a professor in computer programming.

Euwe was known for his logical and methodological style. Yet he was never afraid to play wild and unbalanced positions. A good example is a game from his first match against Alekhine that become known as “The pearl of Zandvoort”.

Euwe is a hero in the Netherlands and internationally respected for his many contributions to chess. He was FIDE president from 1970-1978 and the only world chess champion to hold the position. His textbooks on chess have been translated into many languages and remain popular to date.

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