Game Spotlight: Training Games

To stay fresh while there aren’t any Chess tournaments, two of our league players organized a training match on  Roberto (robvilarr) and Peter (Greenruth) agreed to play two live games at 30 minutes/game with a 3-second delay.  We’re going to look at the more interesting of the two.

When it comes to training matches, the most important part is the post-game discussion.  That’s where both players sit down and figure out what went right, and how each side might improve.  (It’s also possible to be very intentional about what you’re practicing, though I don’t believe that’s what was happening here.)  For that reason, most of the annotations are comments provided by the players themselves.  I’ve added my own comments where I thought it was useful.


Our next tournament will be on Saturday.  Join through our club for an online blitz tournament at 2pm (local time).  Stay inside, stay safe (while following WHO guidelines), and enjoy the Chess.

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