Game Spotlight: NCC 60th Open 1

Last weekend was Nairobi Chess Club’s 60th Anniversary Open Championship.  We had 90 players show up to compete, including players that traveled from Tanzania, and a large contingent from Uganda.  Players competed in three sections according to FIDE rating: under 1600, under 1800, and open.  For the second time, NCC broadcast the top two boards of the open section over the internet, and for the first time we’ve compiled the game scores from both the open and under 1800 sections, which I’ll be exploring over the coming weeks.  Thank you to all who participated and supported this event.

From the under 1800 section, here’s a nice game showing the power of an outpost:

This weekend, we’ll be analyzing games from the tournament.  Bring your game scores so we can look at them together.

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