Game Spotlight: First Team Tournament 2

One of the better ways to improve your Chess skill is to play slow games.  Blitz is good for testing your ability to recall opening moves, or quickly recognize tactical patterns, but if you want to develop calculation and evaluation skills you need to play slowly.  This means that correspondence Chess is excellent, since you can take a day or more to analyze a position.  That’s one of the reasons we have a club on  Of course, this only works if you use it wisely and actually spend the time to analyze.

Our first team tournament had a time control of 3 days per move.  Let’s look at one of the longer games, and see how effectively they used the time.  (Note that it’s not possible to do that by looking at the actual time they used, even though provides that information.  There’s just no way to know if, for example, a player spent 32 hours to make a move, how much of that time was spent analyzing and how much was spent sleeping, at work, etc.)

Come out to the club this weekend for our next training session, about Rook endgames.

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