Game Spotlight: First Team Tournament 1

Our club over on ran its first team match last year.  Although Nairobi Chess Club lost to Chess School by a score of 11.5-10.5 over 11 boards, the match was sadly plagued by time outs on both sides.  (The kind of thing that’s fine in tournament chess, but more problematic when the time control is 3 days per move.)  Nevertheless, a reasonably successful first effort, and we should see more events like this as the club grows in numbers.

The most successful of our players was Atrakhine on board 2, who won both of his games.  In this game, we see a good example of how to play from behind, and some ways to take advantage of the fact that losing material can frequently leave you with better mobility:

Out next training session has been rescheduled to March 7.  We’ll be looking at Rook endgames during our usual club meeting time.

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