Game Spotlight: Club 50 Member Tournament

In addition to our regular tournaments, over the past year we’ve been running some “postal” tournaments using  As the highest section of the tournament we started to celebrate reaching 50 members has finished, let’s look at one of the games.  (This was played with a time control of 3 days per move, which is why it took so long to finish.  Since it started, the club has more than doubled in size.)  This game, between the second and third placing players, shows the perils of making extra moves in a tactical sequence.

Our AGM is coming up on November 30 at 3pm.  If you’re a member, come by and participate to help us plan out next year.

We also just announced our final tournament of the year.  The third Jamhuri Cup will take place on December 7-8 at Goan Gymkhana.  This small four round tournament is a great alternative to the Kenya National Championship for non-citizens, and a good tune-up for citizens.  You can find more information here, and sign up here.  There’s only 24 slots, so don’t wait.

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