Emanuel Lasker the Longest World Chess Champion

Emanuel Lasker. a German chess player, is one of the strongest chess players of all time. His career lasted 5 decades, and he was World Chess Champion from 1894 to 1921. Lasker won the title in a match against Steinitz and eventually lost it to Capablanca. His reign of 27 years remains the longest in chess history.

Lasker was not confined to the positional school of Steinitz. Instead he used a flexible approach and universal style that was ahead of his time. Lasker excelled in attacking and defending and combined positional finesse with great tactics. All of this is evident in all the wonderful games that he left as his legacy.

Lasker played Johan Bauer in Amsterdam in 1889 at the beginning of his career. This game is perhaps not his best, but it clearly demonstrates his attacking prowess. It became famous for reasons that you will soon discover.

Lasker was a chess theoretician, and his ‘Manual of Chess’ remains a great resource for learning to play chess. Away from the chessboard, he was an accomplished mathematician and a first-class bridge player. No wonder that his good friend Albert Einstein considered Lasker to be one of the most interesting people he knew.

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